Home/Industrial Automation and Security Solutions

Our Automation System will transform every house into a self-regulating mechanism, which will facilitate the lives of all members of the household. Thanks to our solution, electrical devices in your house can communicate, providing you with a wide range of solutions and applications. We ensures comfort and security.

Motion Sensor

The world’s most advanced technology has been enclosed in a flawless white casing. This multi-sensor has four main features: it detects movement, measures the current ambient temperature, intensity of light and vibrations, all thanks to built-in accelerometer. The Motion Sensor controls not only the lighting and heating system but many other home equipment wirelessly as well. One of the interesting features is an intelligent object recognition which can distinguish between a small pet and a person. This is a very useful element when you’d like to leave your home alarm system on even when a cat or dog is running around. Motion Sensor has a very strong battery that can last up to 2 years even when it’s on all the time. It is completely wireless and mobile, you can put it on the kitchen table or in your child’s bedroom. Motion Sensor not only helps you run your smart home but it guarantee safety around your family.


Flood Sensor

Organic design, compact size, and a wide variety of additional functions. Flood Sensor is simply remarkable! This unique device can guard you and your family’s safety. With its advanced technology and precision, the Flood Sensor will alert you of a threatening flood, or a rapid temperature rise or drop. All while being maintenance-free without the need for professional installation.


Smoke Sensor

Our Smoke Sensor is the smallest Z-Wave wireless smoke sensor in the world. It is also the most advanced device of this type available on the market. We takes care of your family. Whenever an accident occurs the alert is being sent to your mobile and sensors are taking care of your home safety at the same time. Thanks to advanced manufacturing technology system can react even when it’s not connected to your Home Center. Smoke Sensor has a built-in electronic recording device, for the purpose of assisting the investigation of a fire incident or accident. Our cutting edge technology makes us one of the leaders in wireless smoke sensors – it’s super easy to install making your home smart.

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